Fitness expertise in the heart of Bondi

Our vibrant team of industry professionals have been hand-picked to ensure you get results! Our management team including SFC Founder Matt Vozella boasts a combined 15 years industry experience in management and our elite Personal Training team bring a diverse skill-set to cater to your every need.




My life is about two things; utilizing the (very limited) time that I have here on Earth and assisting those around me to do the same. My career In Health and Fitness was a natural consequence of this goal. A healthy and able mind and body make you virtually unstoppable. When I look back on the life I have lived I want to ensure that I didn't restrict myself from experiencing abundantly. Ultimately, the life we live is a choice. I’ve chosen to live unashamedly full until the day that I die. 




Having now worked in the fitness industry for 7+ years, to say it's a passion of mine would be an understatement. Very few industries give you the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all walks of life, something that has allowed me to continuously grow as an individual. Originally from the UK I moved to Australia in search of a new challenge and found it in the shape of SFC, living the dream (so to speak) working on the very-iconic Bondi Beach. I like to describe myself as honest, passionate and driven three traits that I aim to apply to everything that I do.






Focusing to be the best version of myself from a young age has allowed me to realize that without struggle a hardship, putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, you are unable to grow as a person. Growing up I was obese, 120kgs + I was categorised as obese, in fact.  I found love in the gym and proceeded to lose 42kgs. Health and fitness has not only sculpted my body but has strengthened my character and built a mental fortitude that know transfers over to all aspects of my life.




My goal as a personal trainer is to empower others to feel good.
If you were to ask me, why I do what I do? The genuine answer would be, I love to help people. Fitness is such a powerful tool for both physical and mental wellbeing – it’s a lifestyle that everyone should utilise. 
I’ve always been a pretty active person, recently I took it up a notch and decided to enter a fitness completion. This was a huge eye opener to me. It challenged me in ways I never thought I could be challenged and gave me an understanding as to what my clients might feel when taking the first steps on their fitness journey - It’s not easy, but we all have the power to do it.! 




As an athlete I learnt to always challenge my limits and never give up. I want to inspire people and help them facing life with a strong mindset and a confident “can-do” attitude. I believe that a strong body and mind can help anyone to achieve the most ambitious goals in life.




I'm all about getting people to tap into the "optimized" life by finding their sweet spot between Health, Performance, and Body Composition. Sure, I help people get lean, toned, and “beach-ready” - but at the end of the day my ultimate objective is to empower you with the knowledge to become independent and confident. With 10 years of international training experience, I am well-versed in biomechanics, exercise physiology, precision nutrition, and exercise science - and most importantly, fully devoted to your holistic health and fitness goals!




My health commandment; “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”. I’m a Bondi Beach based C.H.E.K Holistic Health Coach, Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Functional Movement (FMS) Trainer with a passion for all things wellness.
My mission is to educate and inspire people who want to take control of their health,, teaching people how to eat well, move effectively and live a happy, healthy, balanced life. When I’m not working with clients you can find me on the yoga mat, swimming down at the Beach, sipping on green smoothies and laughing way too hard at my own jokes.